A remix of one of Bisa Kdei’s songs has been used as a soundtrack in Netflix’s 2020 Christmas movie Jingle Jangle.

The song, written specifically for the movie, is a remix of his 2018 hit ‘Asew‘.

Unlike the original which talks about a young man addressing his in-law, ‘Asew Jingle Jangle’ focuses on a grandchild who is speaking to her grandfather.

This milestone comes barely days after he tagged himself the King of Highlife when some social media users began comparing him to other artistes.

Many fans have taken to Twitter to share snippets of the scene and their excitement to see a Ghanaian artiste’s song in an international movie.


Jingle Jangle is about a toymaker whose apprentice betrays him after stealing all his work.

The once joyful toymaker finds new hope when his bright young granddaughter appears on his doorstep.

The movie released on November 12 features Academy Award (Oscar) winning actor Forest Whitaker, Emmy nominated actress Phylicia Rashād, Emmy Award winner actor and comedian Keegan-Michael Key and Madalen Mills.