Bepong residents angry over police treatment

Residents in Kwawu Bepong are unhappy with how the police is handling the turmoil in the area.

They claim the officers deployed to the area have damaged cars parked overnight by puncturing the tires and vandalizing the doors.

The Ghana Police Service on February 5, arrested 25 persons in connection to an attack on its officers by locals and the destruction of some properties at Kwahu Bepong in the Eastern Region.

The residents reportedly attacked the chief’s palace demanding a suspected murderer who raped and killed two people at the same time.

Speaking to Adom News, angry residents shared their disappointment in the police for arresting “innocent” persons in relation to the matter.

“The police arrested a stranger who was passing by and left his motorcycle with Akpeteshi. I don’t know where to find him so anyone who knows the owner of the motorbike to come for it,” one inhabitant said.

Meanwhile, majority of male residents have fled the town for fear of being arrested.