Joy FM Presenter, Raymond Acquah, has condemned recent attacks on his wife, a radio and TV personality, MzGee.

Mrs Acquah has come under a barrage of attacks over claims that she leaked the voice note of actor Psalm Adjetefio in which the latter asked for help.

But Mr Acquah says his wife did not leak the said voice note by the actor, popularly known as T. T.

He explained that he was mandated to send the audio recording to the aide of the Vice President, Gideon Boako, to explore the possibilities of getting more help for the actor.

“As the one who was mandated to send the said voice note to Gideon Boako in his capacity as the aide, who did the donation on behalf of the Vice President, to clarify the relationship between the office and the actor and explore the possibilities of getting him further help, I find the unwarranted attacks on MzGee GH completely unacceptable,” Mr Acquah wrote in a Facebook post.

He stated that MzGee has willingly given her resources to the ailing actor, and on occasions, she has gone out of her way to get more help for him.

Thus, for her to be treated with such contempt by the public is disgraceful, Mr Acquah added.

He stated that “throughout her engagements with the actor, She has been nothing but helpful and compassionate. She deserves praise and not vitriol.”

Attack on MzGee amid T. T. saga completely unacceptable - Raymond Acquah defends wife


On January 10, an audio recording of T. T., meant for MzGee, went viral. The “Taxi Driver” actor is heard asking for some “leftovers” from her kitchen, explaining that the support he had been receiving from individuals stopped after Vice-President Bawumia’s public donation to him.

According to him, he has invested the funds that were accrued from these donations, hence his current state.

He further revealed that after receiving the first tranche of the Greater Accra Minister’s donation, the rest is yet to hit his account “It came once, and that is all. I was in his office a few days ago, as a follow-up, but I was told he travelled, and they are on leave”.

However, on January 11, a section of the public criticised MzGee for leaking the voice note. Many said the conversation was a private one; hence she needed to seek his permission first.

Radio and TV personality, Amandah Jissih also chastised the journalist.

“He asked for leftovers and you decided to record him? What for? This is wrong, MzGee. He confided in you. If you cant help him, let him know n end it right there,” she wrote underneath ZionFelix’s post on Instagram.

However, MzGee denied leaking the audio. 

“Ghana! Herrrh! Christ me! We forget too easily! Same me, who broke the story of T. T’s predicament, almost a year ago? Same me, who put my reputation on the line and appealed for funds for T. T., almost a year ago, leak our private conversation? How gullible can I be but it is well!” she tweeted.

On Instagram, she wrote, “Thanks to all who have bashed me and called me all sort of names, thanks to the few right thinking industry folks who have called. May God have mercy on all of us! Thank God, the internet never forgets.”

On January 12, MzGee officially addressed the issue in a video she posted on her social media pages. She vehemently denied leaking the private conversation.

In her caption, she wrote, “so who leaked the voice note? Just like you, I also seek to know. I have seen people ask many questions and suggest many things but this is all I know about the voice note!”