Ghanaian rapper Bosom P-Yung. ‘Attaa Adwoa’.
Ghanaian rapper Bosom P-Yung. ‘Attaa Adwoa’.

‘Ataa Adwoa’ composer and newest social media sensation, Bosom PYung, has attributed the the recent massive airplay of his ‘Ataa Adwoa’ hit song to good production and quality video.

According to him, the song failed to generate the needed airplay after it was released some seven months ago it lacked the attendant ‘quality’ video to push it.

“When I released the song seven months ago, no one was interested but the video did everything because people wanted to see the one behind the microphone. It took the quality of the video for the song to be heard; the song did not hit but the video did,” he said.


He described his song as quality, explaining the “beat, lyrics, vocals and message it carries” are extraordinary.

He also said the song was recorded with Autotune, an audio processor created to measure and alter pitch in vocal and instrumental music recording and performances.