Professor Ransford Gyampo
Professor Ransford Gyampo

A senior lecturer at the University of Ghana’s Political Science Department, Ransford Gyampo, says the result of the upcoming Assin North bye-election has the potential to alter the campaign messages of the leading political divides.

According to him, both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) can build a campaign message on the success of the bye-election.

This, he said, is the reason both parties are not leaving the election to chance.

Speaking on JoyNews’ Newsfile, he said “It’s a keenly contested election and what happens is that, he who wins this particular election will have a certain bragging right and will have a statement for Ghanaians.”

The Professor explained that the NPP could be able to ‘solidify their breaking the 8’ message to the electorate and for the opposition, it is a sign that the electorate are unhappy with the ruling party.

“NPP is seeking to break the eight. If they win this election, it will help them to propagate this particular statement.

“NDC is seeking to take power from the NPP and we are saying that the NPP has disappointed Ghanaians and that Ghanaians should give them another chance to come and govern the country. If they win this election it will also be a plus for them in terms of the message that they want to canvas and deepen among Ghanaians,” he said on June 24.

He stressed that the bye-election was of great interest to the two political parties, hence the increase in vote buying in the constituency.

Already, there have been allegations of vote buying by the two political parties.

The NDC has accused the NPP of completing projects which had long been halted in a bid to get the votes of the electorate.

The NDC has also been accused of distributing fertilisers and boots to a select few in the constituency ahead of the June 27 election.

The keen contest is between NPP’s Charles Opoku and the embattled legislator of the NDC, James Gyakye Quayson.