The Ashanti Region has recorded 73 fire incidents, just two weeks into 2022, a situation fire officers have described as alarming.

Records from the fire service indicate 1,111 fire incidents were recorded in 2021 which is an 11.4 percent reduction from the 1,254 incidents recorded at the end of 2020.

But, the GNFS is worried about the 73 fire incidents recorded in the region since the beginning of the year.

The latest incident killed a 65-year-old man at Kronom in the Suame Municipality.

The Regional Public Relations Officer, DOIII Peter Addai raised the concerns in an interview with Nhyira FM’s Nana Awuku.

He explained electrical fault, gas leakage, negligence and other human factors have been major causes of the fire.

DOIII Addai has therefore urged the public to adhere to safety measures, especially in this dry season.

Access routes, poor nature of roads, respect to Siren and generally poor attitude of the public he said still remain a challenge to the fire department.