When it comes to taking care of your skin, we make some minor errors.

Smooth and glowing skin has always been the goal, but sometimes we might be standing in the way of this goal by our actions and inactions.

Here are some common skincare mistakes that we make:

Bar soap isn’t good for your face. It dehydrates your face and leaves it feeling tight and dry. It is much better to use a liquid facial cleanser that hydrates your face and restores the PH.

Exfoliate only two or three times a week. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells in your face. You need new skin cells to be renewed before you exfoliate again.

There is no time when it is okay not to moisturise your skin, even after you wash it for the night or when you have acne, you have to keep your skin moisturised.

Sunscreen should be an integral part of your skin routine or an important ingredient in your moisturiser, this is because the rays of the sun can harm your skin and cause wrinkles and fine lines.

You should wash your face twice a day and whenever you exercise or sweat profusely. Not washing your face regularly will cause dirt and bacteria to build up.