Some commercial drivers in the Ashaiman municipality of the Greater Accra Region on Wednesday registered their displeasure about how the lorry terminal is being mismanaged by the executives of the Ghana Private Road and Transport Union (GPRTU).

The commercial drivers, who are members of the GPRTU, locked up the terminal and demanded that the executives abdicate.

According to the angry drivers, they are all the time sidestepped when opportunities come their way at the terminal.

“As commercial drivers in the terminal, we don’t have membership cards yet daily tolls and welfare dues are collected from us every day,” the angry drivers, clad in red armbands, told Class 91.3 FM’s Ashaiman correspondent.

“We want to seize power from them because they are not helping our course,” they added.

“I have been driving here for the past 10 years and I don’t have a membership card yet women who sell in and around here have GPRTU membership cards,” an angry driver alleged.


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“We sit here they organise workshops among other things only to be attended by the market women in the name of drivers,” he went on.  

“The executives are just wallowing in the dues of the union without doing anything for members.

“As members, we don’t have anything to show for over the past 10 years,” he lamented.