Andy Dosty
Andy Dosty

Hitz FM‘s Daybreak Hitz‘s host, Andy Dosty, has queried highlife singer, Bisa K’dei after the latter alleged that the media has been paid to propagate a negative agenda against his music career.

According to the renowned presenter, he has issues with the musician claiming the media is fake though he has friends in the same space who are keen to support him to the core.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the Love You Die musician said he cannot fathom why the musician is now lambasting the media but had no friction when he was on top of the airwaves.


Andy Dosty, reacting to this said, I think it’s offensive from where I sit. From time, we were playing your songs, even now, I play songs for people and once ‘Mansa’ plays, ‘Brother Brother’ must follow.

How much will someone influence me not to play Bisa K’dei’s songs? He asked on the show.

Additionally, the popular presenter said he would have had no issue if the musician had mentioned names.

What if he has proof? My sword is always double-edged. Why don’t you say some media persons? He has to mention names, he dared him.

Meanwhile, the presenter said he could put himself in the musician’s shoes due to a similar encounter he had with an artiste manager sometime back.

When I was at Peace FM, I met a man who was so much in pain and willing to stop songs of an artiste from being played on airwaves because his artiste ditched him. He was in so much pain.