Following reports that Reggie Rockstone has cut ties with his alma mater, Achimota School, the hip-life grandpapa has released a statement.

According to him, though he went overly emotional over his earlier post distancing himself from the school, he is not willing to apologise in anyway.

He stressed the need for Achimota School to abolish the outdated rules and regulations that prevent Rastafarians from attending the school.

Rude bwoy raggamufin good bad man!! Had a long one with self and self says ‘stone u are mad at the wrong section!! u got emotional and spoke heart’. No apologies cos for err action there is a reaction but not necessarily one that will move de ting seen!! I got no issues with my school but rather the colo uncool rule seen!!


My boycott is not where the party should be but rather fight for the rule to be amended!! Wisdom dat so let all who rock with the stone help us do this, he added.

He, however, said it was apt for the conversation to come up in the public domain for discussion.

Good say the convo come up tho!!! colo for go!! Good afternoon and the rockz waakye ready!! Come bare foot afro dreads perm weave and we will feed ya, he typed.

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