A Catholic priest has sparked reactions after saying that drinking alcohol is not one of the things that can prevent people from going to heaven.

According to the Nigerian man of God, Father Oluoma Chinenye John, drinking alcohol only becomes sinful if done excessively.

He said that alcohol is medicinal and good for whoever takes it provided the person does so in moderation.

“Everything God created, just like wine, if you take it as you should moderately, it will benefit you,” he said to his congregation while preaching.


He went further to urge those who consume alcohol to continue but do so in moderation while entreating non-consumers to also continue to abstain but bear in mind that it doesn’t make them heaven-bound at the expense of others.

His message has triggered reactions on social media with the majority of users agreeing with him, while others disagree.

Just like the priest, some people have cited the Bible scripture where Jesus turned water into wine, to back the pro alcohol side of the debate.