Adom FM presenter and popular MC, Kwame Oboadie, was taken aback in the studio when singer Wendy Shay got up from her seat to flaunt her assets.

She asked him to check if she’s wearing a hip or butt pad.

This occurred when the Rufftown Record’s singer got queried on what she eats to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I mix fruits with oats. I don’t cook my oats I eat it raw; I blend it with white yogurts so there is less fat but If I want to be satisfied I add cornflakes, she explained.

She said that’s why my hips are curvy as such.


When the host, Black I, asked if she sometimes wears a hip and butt pad, Wendy Shay got up to show her backside and asked Kwame Oboadie to inspect.

The funny moment, however, was when Kwame Oboadie was asked to touch and confirm if it’s real or not but he failed do do so.

The ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker eventually said, you guys have seen enough it’s okay. You can watch but can’t touch.