The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture in Ghana has held a memorial service for George Floyd, the African-American who was murdered in Minneapolis.

The ceremony was held on June 5, 2020, at the forecourt of the Diaspora African Forum, Dubois Centre.

People who attended the ceremony were clad in black and a wreath-laying ceremony was held.


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The United States Ambassador to Ghana, Stephanie S. Sullivan, was at the ceremony and read her remarks.

Portions of her remarks read: “We have seen the difficult images across our country triggered by the horrifying events in Minnesota. This incident is prompting important and necessary conversations in the United States, and serves as a reminder of the importance of confronting painful truths head on, and of addressing the underlying conditions and existing systems that perpetuate racial injustice as we, as Americans, strive to form a more perfect union.”

A video, which went viral a few days ago, saw a police officer pin a black American man to the ground face down with his knee on his neck. The well-built man was heard saying “I can’t breathe” while gasping for air. Reports say he died few minutes after on his way to the hospital.

Mr Floyd’s death has sparked worldwide protests on the systematic racism black people endure.

The police officer, Chauvin and three other officers, who were at the scene, have been charged with second-degree murder.