The Adepam Season 2 competition is getting tougher every passing week, but contestant KBaw has proven he is capable of handling the pressure.

Week 6, a theme-free edition, saw the contestants give their own freestyle to impress judges Sika and Seiwaa, as well as guest judge Selina Beb of SB fashion.

The designs were over the top, but KBaw’s own stood tall.

He portrayed the uniqueness of an African princess with his craft and backed it with a superb story telling of the hope for Africa.

KBaw produced a Kente gown adorned with cowries, and the ‘Gye Nyame’ symbol resting on the shoulders of the outfit.

His creativity coupled with the hairstyle of the model and accessories earned him the spot.

Kbaw broke into tears when the judges declared him the best performer for the night, making him a two-time winner.

He won the beachwear edition for Week 4.