Wows and exclamations filled the soundwaves when models of Adepam Season 2 contestants took over the runway.

This week’s edition came with a different steeze as contestants were given the opportunity to think outside the box and come up with their own themes.

The designers chose themes bordering nature, maternity, mother Ghana, Halloween etc.

Overall performance for the night was beyond average and the judges could not help but applaud the remaining nine contestants for their utmost creativity.

Guest judge for the night, award-winning fashion mogul Selina Beb was full of praise for the contestants for the awe-inspiring pieces.

Check out designs below:

KBaw’s African Queen (Mother Ghana is Still Hopeful)

Grace’s maternity hero

Emma’s runway model

Gabby’s Goddess of Earth

Ahmed’s Halloween Goddess

Philip’s TV presenter

Dzifa’s music goddess

Richie’s brand ambassador

Portia’s birthday diva