A Plus
A Plus

Ghanaian musician cum politician, Kwame A Plus, has added his voice to the ongoing debate over whether or not it was right for the Ghana Education (GES) Service to allow Rastafarian students to be admitted at the Achimota Senior High School (SHS).

According to him, Ghana is far behind in terms of development to be discussing whether Rastafarians should be allowed into SHS or not.

He explained that while many pride themselves in supporting their alma mater, there is the need to focus on developing the country in terms of being abreast with the latest technology than debating over simple issues.

Taking to his Facebook page to vent his spleen, A Plus said he could not fathom why people will be concerned about the admission of Rastafarians at a time when the educational system is poor to the extent that Ghanaians import toothpicks and firecrackers.


Read what he typed below:

Students have been cutting their hair before independence yet Ghana Atomic Energy can not produce knockout or fireworks for Christmas; we import knockout and toothpick from China.

Achimota school has produced majority of the people who have held key positions in this country. ‘I went to Achimota, I went to Achimota’ yet Ghana no enoaa nie countries where students don’t cut their hair are landing rovers on Mars and opening women’s wombs to operate on babies before they are born.

‘I went to Adisco, I went to Kwabotwe, I went to St. Peters,’ as for Prempeh college I won’t talk about them because my big brother Chairman Wontumi went to school there.

Apart from winning ‘Oral’ science and maths quiz what else? The quiz madam too will be there asking nsɛmhunu which can’t land a man on a coconut tree not to talk of the moon.

Now the problem of the day. When a pendulum moves in the direction of equilibrium, what is the velocity of osmosis divided by photosynthesis?

Nkwasiasɛm nkoaaa!!! The problem of the day is rather our education system!!! Forgeti pendulum!!!

kwame A Plus