A joint team of Immigration Officers and Formed Police Unit have intercepted 981 sacks of compressed substances suspected to be marijuana at Liero around Fielmuo near the Burkina Faso border.

This was on Thursday, December 1, 2022, during routine patrols on some identified unapproved routes bordering neighbouring Burkina Faso.

At about 10:23 am, and acting on an Intel, the team conducted a swoop in a house of a man (name withheld) at Liero.

In a statement, GIS explained it uncovered most of the rooms were stocked with sacks containing the suspected substance believed to be marijuana.

The determined personnel, with a backup reinforcement, retrieved the suspected substances and sent them to the Hamile Border Post for further investigation and action.

“The respective state security agencies would be invited to analyse the exhibits to ascertain the veracity of our deep suspicion on what the substance is actually.

“In the meantime, frantic efforts are being made to apprehend persons connected to the ceased substance to aid in investigation and appropriate action,” the statement noted.

The Hamile Border Post Commander, Chief Supt Owusu Ansah, expressed appreciation to the locals who provided the tip leading to the seizure.


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“Whereas we appreciate the impeccable rapport with the locals, we wish to respectfully inform the few unrepentant ones not to stand in our way. They must either change or we change them, the middle ground is not an option,” the statement added.