It is normal if you are unable to last longer, unlike what you see in movies. You are not alone.

First, make sure you have a healthy body because extra weight can be one of the reasons and then follow these seven tips which can help men last longer and perform better in bed.

Condoms please

We can’t stress enough how important it is to use condoms. It is not just about unwanted pregnancy and hygiene but also about performance!

Premature ejaculation can be due to hypersensitivity.

So by using a condom, the sex may last longer as it forms a barrier and dulls down the sensation that leads to delayed ejaculation.

Pelvic floor exercises

If your pelvic muscles are strong then so will your ability to have long-lasting sex because you tend to ejaculate way sooner if they are weak.

There are many workouts on the internet which can help you out.

Pause and squeeze

This is one method that can help you out. Here, have sex until you are about to ejaculate and then pull out.

Squeeze the tip of your penis for a few seconds to control the urge and then continue with the sex.

It is a little difficult but once you master it, you will be comfortable. But do tell your partner why you stopped in the middle before they feel turned off.

Slow down your pace

When you thrust quickly, you reach your orgasm in a shorter time. So instead, move at a slower pace and try positions that limit your movement.


If you masturbate before sex and not ejaculate, you will last longer. There needs to be a bit of trial and error but you will eventually get it.

Stop when you are about to have an orgasm and then have sex. You could try mutual masturbation as well.


This is generally prescribed to those who have issues keeping an erection. Those who have premature ejaculation can try it but try not to get addicted to it.

If the stop and squeeze method does not work, only then take viagra.

Position change

Try those sex positions where you cannot penetrate deeply. So this way, stimulation will be less and this will help you last longer as well. Try positions like spooning and try slower movements as well.