Filed photo: A corpse

The Savannah Regional Police have reported that two lives have been lost due to chieftaincy clashes at Jatong.

Hawa Zacharia, 53, and Seidu Abdulai, 40, are said to have met their untimely death after being hit with stray bullets on Wednesday, March 15.

Several others mostly women, who were injured have been admitted to the Tamale Teaching Hospital for treatment.

About 46 houses are said to have been torched in addition to 70 bags of grains.

The Jatong skin became a bone of contention between the current Jatongwura and the late Banvumwura.

The Jatongwura was enskinned as Paramount Chief of Jatong by Yagbomwura. As a result, the Banvumwura was enskinned for Banvum.

But he died shortly after his enskinment, hence the move by the Paramount Chief of Jatong to enskin a new Chief for the Banvum community which has been resisted, leading to the clashes.

Meanwhile, the Regional Police Command Public Relations Officer, Inspector Adjeikum Owusu, has noted that officers have been deployed to the area and calm has been restored in the Jatong and Banvum communities.

He also noted that the remains of the deceased have been deposited at the Tamale Teaching Hospital morgue for autopsy.

Inspector Adjeikum Owusu added that the Police will leave no stone unturned to arrest the culprits.

“All the perpetrators can do is to only run, but can’t hide as the Police would go all length to bring them to face the law,” he said.