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Teenager and mother of one, Paulina Blay, has revealed that she had to name her child in the absence of her baby daddy because he denied responsibility.

She disclosed in an interview with a vlogging site, SVTV Africa, that she had to drop out of school after she got pregnant last year.

“I was in JHS when I got pregnant but he did not accept responsibility even after my family visited his. My child is a year old now and I haven’t heard from him since. I had to give him my last name,” she said.

Presently, Paulina sells tiger nuts on the streets of Tema however she hopes to become a seamstress one day.

“I sell tiger nuts to support the family now. My dad passed away and my mom does not work anymore. I want to learn how to sew but I don’t have the money yet. It costs about 1500 Ghana cedis, ” she added.

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