Agya Akwasi Marfo Akwaboa Gyan, the 106-year-old man, married to 35-year-old Akua Asabea Gyan, has recounted how he managed to propose to the latter.

According to Agyaba as he is widely known, he was very shy making his intentions known to then Miss Asabea due to the age difference.

He disclosed this on Adom TV’s Badwam show while narrating their marital journey.

“The affection for her grew over time as she stayed in my house as a herbalist who was treating her sister and I really admired the way she went about her duties,” he recounted.

Agyapa noted he had stayed single for 10 years after he lost his wife, adding his only solace was his farm.

“I was so sure she was the one and I had fallen in love with but couldn’t declare my intention due to my age but at a point, I had to,” he noted.

Surprisingly, Agyaba noted the family did not hesitate to accept the proposal after he confronted the would-be in-laws.


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 “When I was treating her sister, it was more like they had given her to me because they told me if she dies, I should bury her.

“But if she survives, I should give her hand in marriage to my nephew. So they were very happy about my proposal to their daughter due to her past experience with the young man,” he bragged.

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