The leadership of Zongo communities in Kumasi say they have set in motion a number of interventions aimed at changing the narrative about Zongo youth to enhance their opportunities in life.

The aim is to produce a future President from their ranks in the future.

They have created a website to promote the achievements of Zongo youth to address challenges inhibiting their development.

A member of the Annual Quranic Recitation Committee Ali Suraj says the initiative seeks to bring scholars in Zongo communities together on a common platform to harness talents and promote education.

Zongo communities are routinely tagged by the deviant attitudes of some of the youth.

This, over the years, has retarded progress in most Zongo communities.

Leadership intends to change the narrative through engagement and advocacy through education.

A member of the Quranic Recitation Committee Ali Suraj says the website will promote the achievements of Zongo communities and bring scholars together to harness talents for development.

He hopes the seed they have sown will produce presidential material from the Zongo in the future.

Chief of Zongo communities in Ashanti, Alhaji Sultan Farouk Omar Saeed says the level of development in Zongo communities is not appreciable.

According to him, they have not properly projected themselves to attract investors and the world at large.

Alhaji Saltan says the website ( first of its kind, will project Zongo and address pertinent issues retarding development.

Alhaji Saltan wants politicians to desist from using Zongo youth to perpetuate crimes and rather harness their talents for the development of the country.

The yearly Quranic Recitation comes off on 30th December this year.

A platform to pray for Allah’s blessings for Ghana.