Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson has asked trolls on social media to be mindful of their gimmicks as it has the tendency to cause them problems in real life.

Taking to Twitter to share an experience she had recently, the actress said she wanted to give one of her fans a job, only to find out that he had attacked her on social media in the past.

According to her, when the fan submitted his application to ready himself for the interview, a little background check revealed he was not apt since he was a cyberbully.

To advise her followers against such acts, she wrote:

Stay on Twitter and continue fooling and insulting people you’ve never met. Your future self will regret it. One guy came for a job interview and i asked him for his twitter handle, guess what, I had blocked him. Well….you know the rest. Keep fooling wai.

Check out the post below: