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Yul Edochie nods in satisfaction as Judy pours prayers, praises on him in Igbo


Judy Austin, the second wife of actor Yul Edochie is definitely skilled at satisfying the actor’s ego and does so to his pleasure.

The couple appeared to be getting ready to leave home in a video posted on Yul Edochie’s Facebook page.

Yul was videotaped at this point while Judy continued to pray for and praise him.

The actress reminded her husband of his position of leadership and how his mere presence commands reverence.

A gratified Yul hummed and nodded in agreement, clearly pleased with the drama.

People who have devoted their time to dragging Judy for pursuing another person’s husband were not duped by the drama.

Other online users claim that Yul can’t leave the actress because of this worship.

Read some comments here:

Ville Lereh: “Good woman bless thier husband with prayer, you all are blessed “

Endurance Keyamo: “Yul Edochie you de think say na hailing or prayer she de pray for you but na the incantations when her kayamata babalawo tell her to put for your head she de speak so. Your own don finish kpatakpata”

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