Pastor Mensa Otabil

Founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Mensa Otabil admonishes young people aged 35 and below, to take advantage of today’s opportunities to rebuild the country and the continent.

Delivering his sermon via live streaming on Sunday 26th July 2020, he explained that Ghana and Africa have not seen sustainable growth yet.

“Many times when I look at the continent of Africa, it’s like a desert. Nothing grows. It’s amazing how much investment is poured into our continent but nothing of significance seems to thrive here.”

“People of consequence don’t seem to thrive here. It seems as if the land is incapable of supporting livelihoods,” he added.


The ICGC pastor believes that should young people come together as a new generation of Africans and take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, countries in Africa will benefit.

This, according to Pastor Otabil is because different people and things from different places will come together for the good of the continent.

“It’s going to be a season of synthesis,” he said.

“People that hated each other will work together, nations that hated each other will work together and tribes of Ghana will work together.”

He stressed however that while certain provisions will be made, for systems to be sustainable and problems solved once and for all in the country and on the continent, it will require hard work and great effort from young people to make things last and work well.

“There are opportunities, systems, and space to solve our problems but we must take advantage of it to build,” he said.