Gloria Sarfo

Actress Gloria Sarfo did not take it lightly with a troll who mocked her for her status as a non-parent despite being in her thirties.

The female troll made some remarks about the actress which she was displeased with during the heat of an argument.

She took to her Instagram to call out the organisers of Big Brother Naija reality show while campaigning for her favourite to secure a top-five slot.

The troll, who obviously was rooting for a different contestant, ordered the actress to shut up.

While calling her a ‘grandma’, she advised her to inject that energy into producing grandchildren rather than make noise on social media.

She wrote under her comment section: “Gloria Osarfo, shut up oooo grandma who still watches big brother rather than thinking of your grandchildren by now. Support your favourite and stop insinuating unnecessary things.”

The target, who was obviously shocked at the disrespect thrown at her, cursed the troll.

“Did you just say this about me, mark it on the wall; if you’re not my age yet, you will never get there,” she said in a now deleted post.

In a related development, she has apologised for being harsh with her comment.

“Who am I NOT to FORGIVE you. I won’t SHOW your IDENTITY, but you know yourself!!
So whoever you are, I FORGIVE you wholeheartedly. But the rest is with God, who’s the ULTIMATE forgiver of our SINS. LESSON: LET’S NOT ALLOW THE THINGS OF THE WORLD CHANGE OUR DESTINY,” she said.