YOLO actor Aaron Adatsi and girlfriend
YOLO actor Aaron Adatsi and girlfriend

Aaron Adatsi has defended his decision to have a child out of wedlock despite being considered as a role model for abstinence among young people.

According to him, his decision to have the baby underlines the need for people to take responsibility for their choices.

Mr Adatsi and fiancée, Eyram, outdoored their baby boy at a private naming ceremony on Saturday, October 17, 2020.

Information gathered on social media indicated that the baby, who was born not too long ago, was christened Ronny Junior.

Videos from the private naming ceremony popped up on social media showing it was a lovely ceremony attended by Mr Adatsi’s senior acting colleagues, Adjetey Annan and Prince David Osei.


Following the outdooring videos, a video has popped up showing Mr Adatsi advising a friend not to engage in any pre-marital sex.

The video, which is a clip from the popular YOLO series, has led to mixed reactions among a section of Ghanaians on social media.

While some people thought Mr Adatsi should have stuck to the virtues he was preaching in the series, others think he should be allowed to live his life outside of acting.

In a statement released on his Instagram page, he said he has acted responsibly by having the baby instead of being a hypocrite.

“I understand that in some of my professional engagements, I have come to represent many morally upright things to the masses, but, in all humility, I refuse to hoist the flag of hypocrisy as a substitute to taking responsibility for the choice I made,” he said.

He further indicated that he is now in a better position to continue in his unofficial capacity as an Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health ambassador.