Some surveyors in the country have revealed how persons parading themselves as surveyors are hampering their work.

Mr Kofi Obeng-Agyiebi and Mr Franklin Liggie-Kudonoo, chairman of the Quantity Surveying Division of Ghana Institute of Surveyors and Chairman of the Planning Committee of the 15th Surveyor’s Week respectively, have shared some challenges encountered in their line of work on the social discussion segment of Adom FM’s morning show dubbed, Y’asem Nie.

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According to them, persons not licensed to practice cadastral surveying are even more than licensed surveyors in the country; a development they say poses threat to their profession.

 “The challenge we are facing as surveyors is that, some people who are not surveyors are parading themselves as such in the country. I can tell you that they are even more than us who are licensed surveyors, and their actions really affect us,” they said.

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The two further blamed land owners for contributing to the challenge in that they rather prefer the services of quack surveyors to licensed surveyors, because services provided by the quack surveyors tend to be cheaper than licensed surveyors. Despite considerable improvement in techniques and advancement of surveys as well as the availability of more qualified surveyors than before, they argued that secured land ownership and quality land registration system are affected by inaccurate survey plans by quack surveyors.

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To fix the challenge, the Ghana Institute of Surveyors has decided to collaborate with the Lands Commission and other law enforcement agencies to clamp down on activities of quack surveyors and other persons not licensed to practice cadastral surveying.

Watch video of the surveyors above: