File photo: Crime

Teachers of D/A Primary School at Yankye in the Asunafo South District of Ahafo Region have threatened to boycott classes over residents turning the school into toilet facility.

Authorities of the school say they are welcomed most mornings by human excreta, which poses health risks to the pupils.

In an interview with the Headmaster of the school, George Acheampong, he said the incident began some weeks ago at the school’s entrance but the act has been extended to almost all classrooms.

To end the menace, Mr Acheampong said all locked toilet facilities in the school were opened to residents but some residents still choose to ease themselves in the classrooms rather than the toilets.

He explained that such barbaric acts of people easing themselves on teachers’ chairs, and tables, and even spreading them on pupils’ text and exercise books are unbecoming.

He, therefore, used the opportunity to appeal to opinion leaders to act now else teachers will advise themselves by boycotting classes.

Some teachers also told Adom News that the challenges they go through before coming to school are mind-blowing so for them to see such sights upon reaching the school is worrying.

Assemblymember of the area, Aziz Ibrahim, said an official complaint has been lodged before him and he has spoken to chiefs to address the issues as a matter of urgency.