Xandy Kamel and her ex-husband
Xandy Kamel and her ex-husband

Popular Ghanaian socialite, Xandy Kamel, has asked her ex-husband to stay out of her business.

This warning was triggered by suspicions that her ex-husband had taken over her social media accounts.

Earlier, Xandy Kamel took to Instagram, announcing that she had lost her social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram, which had over a million followers.

Xandy went ahead to create new pages with her Instagram account, accruing over 55,000 followers thereafter.

But in a latest development, it appears Xandy’s old Facebook account has resurfaced as a new post from her ex-husband, Kaninja was spotted on it.

According to Xandy, who raised the alarm on Instagram, her attention was drawn to the post by netizens who were applauding her for allowing her husband publish on the page.

Xandy, however, denied granting access to her ex-husband, adding that she lost that particular page weeks ago.

This situation has somewhat compelled Xandy Kamel to believe that her ex-husband may have a hand in her missing social media accounts.

To that effect, she has vowed to investigate the issue and should her former husband be found culpable, she intends to make life unbearable for him.