Nana Ama McBrown and her daughter
Nana Ama McBrown and her daughter

Actress Nana Ama McBrown has recalled difficult moments prior to her first baby at age 41 in a latest interview.

Talking extensively for the first time about getting pregnant, she said she went through hell on earth amidst tense rumours and perceptions that she was barren.

In an interview on Stacy Amoateng’s Restoration TV show, she said she was ready to adopt a newly-born baby at one point because she was tired and depressed by critics on social media.

She said she decoded conversations differently anytime she heard her peers talk about children.

She told Stacy how people accused her of selling her womb spiritually to attain limelight in the entertainment space – a statement that got her to cry bitterly.

The ace actress, who is also a successful entrepreneur, actress and hostess among others, said people thought her pregnancy news was fake until she was delivered of a baby.


“When I got pregnant, people didn’t believe it. I feel like its natural feeling with every woman. If you get to a stage where you are not getting pregnant, you get worried even if your husband calms you down,” she said.

“It’s not easy in my case where my husband already had two children,” she added.

Looking determined to give birth at all costs, she said she went through a therapy where she bought a dog to keep her company than to converse with friends.

“I had a strong feeling that even if I were at 60, I’d have a baby. I want to confess… I told myself at age 45 even If I don’t give birth, I would let my husband adopt a baby for me. I was willing to go through any process.

“I treated my dog like a child and I knew people were dissing me for that. I told it everything when others were saying I have sold my womb for fame. I really heard a lot,” she noted.

Being a mother, according to her, has ushered her into a different state where she barely cares about anything that troubles her.

“When I pick my baby, I forget all my troubles,” she said, adding that, “I drive more slower now because I have a baby.”

For women wanting to tow her line, she had this advice:

“You should be prayerful if you want a child. If you have a doctor too, take good medications. Don’t visit too many doctors since you only have one womb,” she noted.

She became a high profile subject in the news when information emerged that she had given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Maxin Mawushi Mensah.

Congratulatory messages stemmed from every angle to bless the actress for achieving one of her greatest heart desires.

Talking about the first time she got pregnant after resorting to a fertility clinic, she said:

“I never believe that people are hurting me spiritually. The first time I failed…after all the medications, I had my menses on my first check up but I didn’t give up though I was assured.”

When the doctor confirmed she was pregnant the second time, the actress said, “I thought it was a movie. My expectations were completely different because I had taken many drugs and injections earlier and nothing happened.

“People were telling me to look for a baby and stop looking flashy, but here I am, now I don’t mind what they say,” she added.