A Kumasi-based woman, Beatrice Tamakloe, got the host and panels of Nhyira FM’s Obra Show in shock when she landed a slap on the cheeks of her husband.

In what was an unsuspecting move, Beatrice raised her hand on her husband, Kofi Sefa, for the very first time after taking offence to his accusation of uncleanliness.

The issue escalated as Kofi was uncovering that he lost interest in his wife of almost 2 years after she picked a habit of storing urine and fecal matter in their single room.

Beatrice, to prove the allegations are all false and a plotted attempt to attack her persona, threatened to slap her husband, for which he dared her to.

Without hesitation, the housewife landed a single slap amid insults to him and his family. The reason being that Kofi’s family are in support of his carefree actions towards her.

She disclosed that her husband’s family suddenly took dislike in her when she refused to have a hysterectomy following the birth of their twin children.

Beatrice said her in-laws pressurized her to have her womb removed, but her family had strong reservations; a situation that has caused a rift and constant verbal violence till date.

Defending herself, Kofi’s mother said Beatrice was rendered weak and immobile throughout the nine months of pregnancy, hence her suggestion.

She went on to say that she took sole responsibility of caring for Beatrice both physically and financially and that is the burden she was trying to do away with.

On his part, Kofi Sefa reiterated on the same platform that until his wife changes her uncouth behavior, he will continue to ghost her.

He taunted that the slap has not reset his decision to move apart from Beatrice.

The host, Nana Ama, in her wisdom called them to order and instructed Beatrice to render a prompt apology for her abuse.

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