A Catholic priest, identified as Father Abel Mwelwa, has been suspended in Lusaka, Zambia, after his married lover allegedly died during a marathon sex in his house.

Police in Lusaka say they have instituted an inquiry into the death of a 42-year-old woman who allegedly died in the Parish Priest’s House at Kaunda Square Catholic Church.

Responding to the allegation, Father Mwelwa, in a statement, said the manner in which the Lusaka Diocese Archbishop Alec Banda had handled the matter is unfair.


I would like to assure you that all is well. My soul is at rest. Knowing that the justice of God is on my side. I have no bitterness against the manner in which this was handled. I allow God to deal with the matter, Mr Mwelwa said.

He also said the woman died in the hospital of Acute Pneumonia as the postmortem results indicated.

“God has his ways. Thank you for your brotherhood and support. Let it be known that the person died almost a month ago,” he said.

He added: All was quiet until my Bishop decided to instruct some priests to circulate a communique of my suspension to all priests. The communique is also addressed to the lay faithful.