Plenty of women Google men before they first meet up with them, as there’s no telling what you might find out.

But you might not think to look up their houses.

One woman, who was dating an older man, took to Reddit to beg for advice when she was repeatedly having the same argument with him.

But afterwards, she posted an update revealing she’d looked up his property and learnt something that made her block him immediately.

The woman, who is 22, explained she had been dating the 35-year-old man since meeting through a shared hobby.

He was regularly coming to stay in her apartment building but was constantly moaning about the noise her neighbours made.

The older boyfriend was angry about his girlfriend's noisy neighbours
The older boyfriend was angry about his girlfriend’s noisy neighbours ( Image: Getty Images)

“So, in my apartment, since it’s an old house that was originally a single-family house, there isn’t much soundproofing. And the floors creak when people move,” she wrote.

“I’ve gotten used to the sound of the guy upstairs getting up at 4 am since he starts work at 5.

“And the sound of the girls in the apartments to either side of mine watching telenovelas till midnight, taking work calls all day and having friends over on weekend nights.”

She continued: “When my boyfriend started coming over more often, he had complaints about the neighbours. Which put me in an awkward place, he wanted to go speak to them or have me text them and I said no.”

The woman Googled her boyfriend's house and got a big shock
The woman Googled her boyfriend’s house and got a big shock ( Image: Getty Images)

The woman added: “I got frustrated with my boyfriend and told him “you know, you can’t expect to date a ‘hot young’ 22-year-old and not wanna deal with a 22-year-olds living situation! I don’t know if you realise but this is a normal apartment for someone my age…”

She explained that she couldn’t stay at his house because he lived too far away and there were no good transport links.

Several users replied to tell her the age gap was a “red flag” and that the man was being unreasonable.

But the woman returned to reveal there was an update to the story – she had looked up his house and discovered he co-owns it with another woman who has the same surname as him, leaving her worried he was secretly married.

“I don’t know if she’s his wife or ex-wife or what but I’m OUT OF HERE. I’m honestly freaking out right now but I just gotta say .. great big thank you to everyone who noticed red flags and made me question that,” she wrote.

“I’ve blocked his number, he can have fun figuring out where I went.”