The Nurse Educator’s Group, a specialised group under Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association, has commenced a seven-day industrial action targeted at drawing the attention of the Ministry of Health to address issues relating to the payment of as many as nine allowances.

The group argued that their demand stems from the recent economic challenges which have shot up the cost of living.

The Group, at the end of its 2022 Annual General Meeting held at Sunyani, called for the review of the research and book allowance as well as the other eight allowances which are due to its members.

Per the schedule contained in a release to the press, the Group says that it will commence the wearing of red arm/wrist bands in all health training institutions from 11th – 17th August 2022, 18th – 19th August 2022 – withdrawal of care-study supervision and conduct of mid-semester exams if nothing is done to resolve the matter.

They added that there would be the withdrawal of classroom teaching and other services in all health training institutions by 2nd September 2022.

Speaking on The Pulse on the JoyNews Channel, Friday, the Greater Accra Regional Secretary of the group, John-Paul Semanyo, lamented the unfair treatment meted out to teachers in the various nursing training colleges across the country.

He argued that the situation is at variance with the condition of their counterparts in other institutions of higher learning.

“We have been crying foul for a long time. It is not like what we are doing here is different from what our colleagues in some universities do. So why pay us less, a meager allowance for that matter?”