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A poultry farmer, identified as Daniel Kwesi Anyetei, is pleading with the government to pay him some GHC50,000.00 compensation owed him.

Mr Anyetei, who is now bedridden, asserts that the Ministry of Agriculture in 2015 during the battle against bird flu (Avian Influenza Virus), burnt 1,730 of his birds in a bid to tame the spread of the virus which is transferable to humans.

“The ministry came to burn 1,730 of my birds and promised me that the government would compensate me,” he said

According to him, the 1,730 birds burnt, as at 2015 had a market value of between GHC 40,000.00 and GHC50,000.00.

Mr Anyetei asserted his poultry farm no longer became viable after the mass burning of his poultry birds and as a result, he is unable to cater for his family.


One of Mr Anyetei’s sons, who is a student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, has had to drop out of school due to Mr Anyetei’s inability to pay his tuition fees.

The government in 2016 is said to have allocated some $11 million to the Ministry of Agriculture as compensation for poultry farmers affected by the Avian Influenza Virus.

But fresh reports seem to suggest that the monies allocated to the Ministry were not used for their intended purpose as numerous poultry farmers have complained of not having been paid their compensation.