Oheneyere Gifty Anti and daughter

Ace television broadcaster, Oheneyere Gifty Anti, says she once broke down in tears and cried bitterly while in mandatory quarantine.

Describing the absence of her family while in mandatory quarantine as ‘a bad experience’ which she never wishes to experience ever again, she revealed that, that was however, not the reason for shedding tears while in self-isolation.

According to her, it was the mere thought of her daughter having ‘forgotten about her.’ 


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“So one day I called to speak to my daughter Onynuonam, and when Lydia, the woman who takes care of her received the call and told her to come for it, my daughter asked who was on the line. Can you imagine? It broke my heart when she said that, and it made me think that if I had died, this girl would have forgotten about me.

“She didn’t even say mummy when she begun to talk and also didn’t sound like someone who misses her mother, it made me feel depressed the entire day and I cried bitterly,” she said.

After observing her 14 days quarantine, she finally joined her family on April 5, 2020 after she tested negative for a second time to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Taking to Facebook to reveal her reunion with the family, she shared a photo of her daughter sleeping on her chest, a posture she described as a sense of love, affection and belonging.