When your thoughts wander from the reasons for that big fight or breakup to why you love them and want them in your heart, your libido gets to work.

It has long been maintained that make-up sex can be toxic, and while this is true in certain circumstances, make-up sex can also be beneficial and mind-calming for other couples.

Make-up sex is romantic intimacy after reconciliation or after a fight. It’s mental and verbal foreplay that could make even shaky relationships stable.

Let me give you a few reasons why Make-up sex is the bomb:

1. Forgiveness

There’s no doubt that make-up sex springs up new refreshing romance among couples. It wipes away memories of the fight and makes forgiveness come easily.

2. Emotional/Physical intimacy

When you and your partner have a quarrel, your emotions are heightened, and sex can help you release those emotions.

This is why makeup sex is more intense: you and your partner are releasing so much emotion that the sex is mind-blowing.

It’s also why you feel all loved up and at ease with your lover after having make-up sex. You re-establish a physical and mental connection with your partner.

3. More fun

A loved up, steamy, heated round of makeup sex is a lot more fun than any other sex. Partners’ feelings are intact. No hate, just two people making new promises to each other.

Even though make-up sex is an obviously enjoyable experience, it also has negative consequences.

  • It’s possible that a good apology may not be given, and this will cause problems for the aggrieved partner after intercourse.
  • Make up sex can be toxic if you’re dating or married to an abusive partner. They’d continue to use sex to manipulate and excuse their bad behaviour.
  • Treacherous partners use make up sex to avoid important discussions about their flaws and/or actions.

In conclusion, Make-up sex creates a stronger bond and leaves you both feeling new again. Tender an apology to your partner! Have incredible make up sex!