Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke, had a few words to share concerning Ghana’s ‘dead’ movie industry which has become a subject over the past few years.

The ace actor, in an interview on Hitz FM, said Ghanaians aren’t enthusiastic to revive the dying movie industry.

He explained that the most important element is to have a strong will, particularly among grand stakeholders who are in the entertainment sphere.

According to him, funds can be pumped into the movie industry but if there is no will to push the art, there is no way the industry can be replenished.

One other essential thing the Nigerian actor mentioned was to have support from the government if the movie industry wants to thrive.


I think the will is what supersedes every human intention. And you need government power with regards to finance institutions and they should be part of this narrative… they are absent here in Ghana… and thirdly the people should believe it can happen because Ghanaians already believe nothing good can come out of it which is wrong…, he said.

Until you begin to look at it that there is no option than to do or die…, sometimes you need that extremism for something to happen. That laid-back approach that if it doesn’t work it is fine… that is what I have seen here in Ghana, he added.

Watch Jim Iyke speaking about Ghana’s movie industry below: