DKB has identified one positive thing about Coronavirus and he is sharing it with you.

According to the Ghanaian comedian, the pandemic is exposing the greedy men of God.

His comments are to add to the myriad of backlash Pastor Brian Amoateng has been receiving, for saying that the church owes nobody hand sanitisers in times of the coronavirus outbreak in Ghana.

“Seriously thank God for coronavirus. I am not being insensitive despite the fact that it is causing a lot of mayhem because it is exposing the people we thought were men of God. It’s really exposing so it’s good, there is always a good side to something,” he said in a video.

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He continued that “ I came online and I see this Pastor I respect so much, Brian Amoateng, if you are watching, me I have been a big fan of you, I have been admiring you secretly in my corner … but DKB is no more your fan, I am very disappointed and hurt that a man of God will say that it’s not compulsory for the church to provide hand sanitisers in these critical moments”.

However, Pastor Brian has issued an apology to the public over his statement. Nevertheless, that hasn’t settled the scores for some social media users including DKB, who still found it necessary to call the man of God to order.