Kofi Kinaata

Fante rap god, Kofi Kinaata, has taken to social media to share a significant life-changing moment from his childhood.

He recounted an encounter with his class 4 teacher who was deeply concerned about his troublesome and truant behaviour in school.

According to him, he was a deviant so much that his teacher was always moved to tears.

Fearing for a not-so-bright future for Kinaata, his teacher went the extra mile to make a lasting impact on his life by taking him on a stroll and showing him two houses in the neighborhood and the traits exhibited by both owners.

“I remember my class 4 teacher used to cry several times because I was very troublesome and truant. One day she took me out to see a nice building in the neighborhood and asked me if I would like to build a nice house like this.

“I answered ‘yes’ and she told me the owner of the house was very obedient, paid attention in class, never worried his teacher, never fought in class and was very smart. Then she showed me a dirty house of one notorious person in our neighborhood and asked which of the two houses I would love to build in future.

“I still answered the first one and she said the person who lives inside never paid attention in class and was behaving like me when he was my age so if I want to be a bigger person in future, I should take everything she teaches me serious. Her advice changed my perspective on a lot of things.”

This profound piece of advice from his teacher deeply impacted Kinaata. He revealed it made him realise the importance of taking his education seriously, paying attention in class, and behaving responsibly.

It was from that moment he revealed his life changed for the better and that experience has stayed with him throughout his journey to becoming a successful musician.

He made the revelation while contributing to a discussion by actress Lydia Forson on the need for teachers to be highly renumerated.