Korean Customs Services agency and new managers of Ghana’s new Customs Management System, Universal Pass (UNIPASS), has outlined the benefits the system will bring to Ghana’s port management.

Among the many benefits outlined by the agency is its ability to reduce cost of doing business at Ghana’s seaports and frontiers.

The company’s explanations come on the back of what it has described as targeted negative media campaigns made against it by persons who are opposed to the system from its onset.


Speaking to Joy Business’ Norvan Acquah-Hayford in an exclusive interview, Raymond Amaglo, Operations Manager for Ghana Link Network Services Limited, local partners to Korean Customs Services, insisted UNIPASS would block all revenue leakages at the ports.

Because of the interactions between the various systems, there were a lot of loopholes that were causing so much leakages in revenue collection, but UINPASS is a single system that will block all the loopholes and increase revenue collection, Mr Amaglo explained.

Currently, our revenue collection at the port, even within the subregion, is below 60 per cent, and we should be doing far better than that,” he added.


He further argued, saying with UNIPASS, all cargo movements are traced, eliminating the possibility of cargos or goods being lost.    

UNIPASS tracks the movement of all cargos in the system using the cargo’s unique reference number, also there is the HR management model that shows which officer worked on what cargo and at what time so that if for any reason a cargo or some goods get lost, one would not have to look to far to locate the person responsible for it, he noted.