Harold Amenyah | @haroldamenyah/Instagram

Ghanaian actor, Harold Amenyah has addressed the ailing state of Ghana’s movie industry, attributing it to lack of support from the local audiences.

In an interview, he said the sector is not thriving because movie producers are not encouraged and motivated to release more movies.

Amenyah pointed out that, audience attendance at cinemas is crucial for the growth of the industry, yet most Ghanaians do not show up.

Comparing the Ghanaian film industry to Nigerian, Amenyah acknowledged Nigeria’s stability and strength in the film sector.

This, he explained is because people invest in the Nigerian movie industry and the people also show up during premiers at the cinemas.

The actor suggested that, Ghana can learn from Nigeria’s success by adopting similar strategies to boost the local film sector.

“Ghanaians do not support us. People will ask us why they don’t see us on the screens, it’s because they are not watching and they don’t even look out for it. Nigerians are ahead of us because they get the support. We are learning from them, we will get there. They learn from us in terms of production and filming, but we have to learn from them in terms of support and promotion because they do better than us,” he stated candidly.

In spite of the challenges, Amenyah expressed optimism about the future of the Ghanaian film industry if local productions receive the necessary support.

He urged Ghanaians to support the movie industry by attending premiers and watching local content.