Bullet and Wendy Shay

Rufftown Records’ Wendy Shay did not condone any falsehood when she walked out of an interview after the host asked her about sexual relations with her boss, Bullet.

The interview, which started smoothly, quickly took an unexpected turn with Wendy Shay’s voice going up against the host, Nana Romeo.

The host pressured her to confess she is in an intimate relationship with Bullet, but she made it clear that they are not dating.

However, Nana Romeo, after the issue had cooled down, insisted her new song, ‘Emergency’ is dedicated to Bullet. This angered her to say:


“I came here for interview to promote my brand. I don’t think I came here for Bullet questions. What is this interview about? Am I here for counselling or investigations on Bullet because I don’t know why you keep asking me the same questions . If this is the line of questions for the interview I think I need to walk out.”

“I have suffered enough,” were the last words she said before angrily exiting the studios of Accra-Fm.

Barely a month ago, Nana Romeo was in the news for walking artiste KiDi out of his studio for showing up 20 minutes late for an interview.