Filmmaker and National President of the Film Producers’ Association of Ghana (FIPAG), James Aboagye, has rubbished claims that his Association released a statement against the airing of Ghanaian content on TV.

According to him, the statement made it clear that Feature Films produced by their members were not going to be aired free on TV.

He explained that, before, TV stations like TV3 were given new movies to show for free on TV in the name of barter, but the Association has put a stop to it.


Mr Aboagye, in an interview on Joy FM‘s Showbiz A-Z over the weekend, said the directive is in line to stop the mess which is gradually killing the movie industry in Ghana.

We never said we will not let TV stations show Ghanaian content. There is a difference between feature movies and Ghanaian content. How can you say no more Ghanaian content on TV?

If I can show a new movie on TV no rational person will buy it. If I can get it free then why do I have to pay money? He quizzed.