Supreme Court judge nominee Henrietta Mensa-Bonsu has called for building of more prison facilities across the country.

This, the veteran legal practitioner said would help to decongest the Ghana’s prisons.

She lamented that subsequent government do not prioritise the building of prison facilities.

She said foundations do not prioritise it too but adding that like coffins “somebody has to be a coffin maker otherwise how are you going to bury people?”.


Responding to questions from members of the Appointments Committee of parliament, Prof. Mensa-Bonsu also pushed for fewer custodial sentences.

She told the legislators that as law makers, they should, when passing laws, ensure that the punitive measures include as few custodial sentences as possible.

She said community service and other punishments are available to administer to people who commit petty offences.

She, however, added that some of the offences rightfully demand custodial sentence.