Co-founder of the defunct UT bank and UT Holdings , Capt. Rtd. Prince Kofi Amoabeng continues to clamour for the return of former President John Dramani Mahama ahead of this year’s presidential elections.

According to Kofi Amoabeng, Ghana has tried all the governance systems and leaderships including coup d’etat but have failed to succeed, except giving the opportunity to a former president to return to the presidency.

Mr. Amoabeng said this when he chaired a fundraising dinner event organized by the Eastern regional branch of the National Democratic Congress at the Labadi beach hotel in Accra.

” I think we’ve gotten to a point in our lives that I believe the narrative will change.

I said it on Tv sometime back and maybe it will surprise some people. I said Ghana has tried everything, we tried coups upon coup, we’ve all sort of things , what we have not  tried is somebody who has been head of state before and is coming back” he explained.

Making claims of how he could have effected certain decisions for the smooth running of his bank, the defunct UT bank, Kofi Amoabeng said experience teaches leaders on how to avoid past mistakes and brace up for success.

” And I use the examples of UT and say I can now look back and say I should have done this differently, I should have trusted this person and so on and so forth” he stated.

Touting the leadership acumen of the former president, Mr. Amoabeng, a one time sympathizer of the ruling party explained that Mr. Mahama possesses the right leadership skills to lead the nation.

” This time round we have someone who is a hundred percent humble and cares for people and he has love for people and believes in fair justice and says the truth and wants the welfare of everybody and I think this is the time when our president comes ( I am referring to president Mahama), we expect things to change.

What we need in Ghana and for that matter, Africa is a leadership that has the right values, a leadership that is God-fearing to start of with, a leadership that has respect for everybody. The way to do it is to put systems and back the systems with policies and make sure they work for everyone and they should not work in ten years but as fast as possible.

I think the incoming president who has experienced it before will make sure that we the people will enjoy quality time and will also save our time” he said.

Captain Rtd Amoabeng urged the party to mobilize enough revenue to help prosecute the party’s campaign effectively.

” We have a huge task ahead of us. We need logistics for our leaders with vision and dreams to reach out to all the people. We need to empower these people and the party financially through our networks and through strong solidarity.

It is imperative that we mobilize as much money as possible until the elections kick in full gear. Don’t forget the fight is not easy, the people we want to overthrow have made plenty money. Our own is dedication to support and raise the needed monies and deploy it effectively and we shall overcome” he explained.


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