school feeding
School feeding

Some caterers under the School Feeding Programme say they are not making any returns.

According to one of them, Maame Araba Eshun, the 97 pesewas per-pupil allocation is not enough money to aid their businesses.

She insists that the increase in prices of foodstuffs has even worsened their plight.

The caterer made the comment on the Prime Morning show on Joy Prime.

“What will I say? For now, we are just running errands. There is nothing like profit. We just have to work that is why we are agitating for the 3 cedis. Even the 3 cedis is nothing to write home about but we still have to work. This is why we are asking for increment”, Ms Eshun said.

She also encouraged the coordinators of the programme together with the public to fight on their behalf regarding their calls to see an increment of their allocation.

The caterer also pleaded with the government to pay her colleagues on time by releasing arrears for two school terms.

The school feeding programme is an initiative to provide children in public primary schools with one hot nutritious meal, prepared from locally grown foodstuffs, on every school-going day. The aim is to spend 80% of the feeding cost in the local economy.