The Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church is registering church members who failed to write papers in the ongoing West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination which fell on Saturday for November remedial.

The church explained that the students were abiding by their faith, hence the decision by the church to foot the bills of their remedial examinations in November.

This comes after some students of the church failed to write most of their papers which fell on the Sabbath Day.

Though the church tried its possible best for its students to be exempted, their dialogue with the Ghana Education Service and the West African Education Council did not yield possible results.


Public Relations Officer of the SDA Church Ghana, Dr Solace Asafo on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme on Tuesday said after several meetings with WAEC, they promised to ensure none of the papers in the November/ December exam will fall on Saturday.

“We are not under a theocracy so we can only plead their cause for our students so the church will pay the bill for the November/December so that those who failed to write will have another chance,” she explained.

Dr Osafo, however, revealed that some SDA students wrote their papers on a Sabbath Day.

“The church will tell you what the Bible tells us about the Sabbath Day but we can’t force you to abide by it. It’s just like the 10 Commandments yet people still sin,” she opined.