African celebrated actor Van Vicker has added another tattoo to his skin, making it number two.

The Ghanaian actor’s first tattoo done in 2009 indicates his name, his wife, and kids initials whilst the latest one is the popular Lion of Judah image.

In a chat with Mustapha Nii okai Inusah (Nii Attractive) editor of after he dropped pictures and videos of his latest tattoo on his social media pages, he said that it is not necessarily the love of tattoos that made him get them on his skin.

‘I had my first tattoo done because my family is my life and it was one of the ways to show how treasured they are to me.

I have my wife and kids initials on my arm. It would interest you to know I had my son’s initials tattooed before he was even born ‘he said.

My second tattoo came about mainly to conceal a scar on my shoulder. What better tattoo to use than the lion’s head, which for me represents, Leo born, leadership, the Lion of Judah, Fierceness, and Bravery.

His tattoo was done by Ghanaian tattooist Jeff Hendrix.